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HyperJuice: The Perfect Travel Companion for Charging On the Go in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. boasts numerous landmarks and parks, providing ideal backdrops for photoshoots featuring the White House, Lincoln Memorial, and more. People often take pictures and sync them with their computers or tablets to share their travel memories on blogs and social media. As technology becomes integral to travel, many individuals carry various electronic devices with them.

Among the gadgets you might consider bringing on your trip, a mobile battery pack could be one of them. HyperJuice, known for its outstanding charging and power capabilities, stands out among the plethora of options. Let’s delve into what HyperJuice has to offer.

What is HyperJuice?

HyperJuice 2

HyperJuice is a mobile battery pack that utilizes lithium-ion batteries, with capacities ranging from 60Wh to 220Wh. The technology employed in HyperJuice is the same as that used by the U.S. military.

The product comes in four sizes: 60W model, 100W model, 150W model, and 222W model. The maximum capacity allowed on airplanes is up to the 150W model, as electronics cannot be included in checked baggage. For travel purposes, the 60W, 100W, or 150W models would be suitable choices.

FAA Approved: Usable on All U.S. Routes

HyperJuice is an FAA-approved mobile battery pack, usable on flights to and from the United States and around the world. Given that flights from Japan to Washington D.C. can take approximately 13 hours even on direct flights, having a reliable charging option like HyperJuice can be extremely beneficial, especially if the in-flight USB ports are not functioning properly or you prefer to charge using your familiar devices.

When fully charged, provides 10 to 20 smartphone charges

The number of smartphone charges depends on the smartphone and HyperJuice model, but generally, a fully charged HyperJuice can provide around 10 to 20 full charges for smartphones. If you’re also charging laptops and tablets, the total number of charges might decrease. However, if you’re only carrying a smartphone and plan a week-long trip, you can enjoy your travels without needing to rely on in-flight or local power outlets.

Drawback: Size and Weight of HyperJuice as a Charging Device

While HyperJuice’s FAA approval and ability to provide 10 to 20 charges are noteworthy, its major drawback is its weight due to its high capacity. Its larger size and weight could make it somewhat cumbersome to carry around.

Washington D.C. has a well-developed public transportation system, including subways and buses, but you’ll likely find yourself walking to various attractions. Carrying a HyperJuice in your bag throughout the day could leave you with tired arms and shoulders by evening.

For those who want to stay active during their trip, carrying the HyperJuice might be an option. However, for most travelers, it’s advisable to leave the fully charged HyperJuice in your hotel room and venture out without the added weight.

Bringing HyperJuice to Washington D.C.

HyperJuice’s compatibility with not only smartphones but also laptops and tablets makes it a valuable companion for a trip to Washington D.C. You can choose the size and connector type that suits your preferences, ensuring you capture and share your travel memories to the fullest extent.

To the city where the world's finest gather, Washington, D.C.



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